College Guidance

College Guidance

Our Counselors meet their students individually and in small groups throughout the year where various topics are discussed, such as Standardized Testing, Academic Requirements, College Planning, Scholarships, and Career Planning.

College Placement & Guidance

SMA College Counselors invite high school students and their parents to attend any of the many workshops and lectures that are designed to provide personalized college research, planning, and guidance through the entire college application process.

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At SMA a student’s overall academic progress is overseen by a fully certified Guidance Counselor who works full time with the student as they move through their years of high school. Students are supported with personal, family and social situations. In addition, our Counselors work closely with our students in preparing them to understand the college process and choose the college/university that will best serve their needs and career goals. Our Guidance Department is committed to assisting our students with college planning, and promoting each student’s academic, social and emotional development.

SMA high school students and their parents are invited to attend session that explore the college application process, college visits, scholarships, financial aid, college deadlines, teacher recommendations, college interviews, and special programs. Students may meet individually with their counselor throughout the year to discuss personal/academic concerns, to finalize college selection choices and to complete the college application process.


College Admissions

At St. Monica Academy, every junior takes a College Research Class in the spring to familiarize and prepare the student for the college admission process. Each student develops a student admission profile built on an understanding of their strengths and interests both academic and extracurricular that will benefit them in their search for the right college. Class assignments cover research of college choices, developing a college “apply list,” practicing SAT/ACT essay writing using actual test prompts, taking mock SAT and ACT exams under test conditions, discussing college visits, and developing summer plans that will build their college applicant profile.

In the fall, seniors continue their College Research Class by spending dedicated time each week in constructing their applications and essays and in researching and learning about financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Throughout the school year, the College Counselor meets one-on-one with the Juniors and Seniors in order to

– Answer any questions the student has about the college admissions process

– Assist the student in staying on schedule and completing all components of college applications

– Discuss educational concerns and explore methods for improving academic performance

– Discuss personal or social issues in a confidential setting

– Help the student achieve present and future goals in education


Parents, teachers or students may request counseling appointments for students by contacting the Dean of High School.